What We Do

We work with clients who are start-ups, family-owned businesses or established companies all of whom need help to plan and structure for the future.
We are the perfect partner because our success is tied to the success of our clients.

PPS offers expertise in a wide range of disciplines:


We use all the available information--customer, vendor and employee input as well our years of experience--to challenge the client’s current operations paradigm and create short- and long-term strategies.

Human Resources

Clients need to assess their current staff against their future needs. We do that assessment and help in the development of existing talent as well as the acquisition of people to fill any gaps. We also provide executives on loan to perform key roles full-time for short engagements to speed up transitions.

Continuous Improvement / Operations Excellence (Six Sigma)

Why do companies fail?

  1. They get too comfortable with their success
  2. They ignore what their competitors are doing
  3. They don’t have a long-term strategy
  4. They don't embrace constant change
  5. They have the wrong people
We assist our clients in getting better all the time, using tools such as Six Sigma and Kaizen. We use change management and create burning platforms, if necessary. We make sure the clients' Vision, Mission and Values align with where they are going.