Who We Are

PPS is a firm made up of people who understand what it takes to be successful in today’s business environment.

In 2009, Perfect People Solutions (PPS) was started because our founder was tired of offering his services to Fortune 500 companies too paralyzed by the weight of corporate culture and the number of decision makers to make intelligent changes to keep up with the times.

Our operators (what we call our consultants) are finance, operations and human resources professionals who have worked at a Pepsi, Michelin, Whirlpool, BP, and Office Depot to name a few. They have made millions for these businesses and want to share their expertise with entities that will take advantage of their knowledge.

Operators are picked based on the team they are supporting and the skills that are required.
One can’t help someone else unless there are rules to regulate their behavior and drive their success.

Our Vision

Offering the highest quality consulting to start-ups, small and midsize businesses who believe that kind of support is out of their price range.

Our Mission

Accelerating client and employee performance to the next level of evolution.

Our Core Values

  • Provide client solutions that are customized to their business; no cookie-cutter or canned answers
  • Partner with companies that embrace change and want to continuously improve
  • Hire consultant “operators” with a proven track record of success
  • Enjoy the work as well as working with your fellow operators
  • Have the heart of a champion to dream big and never give up
  • Be the first in and the last one to leave
  • Have Fun!